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In unfavorable times and overbearing pressures, life can be unfathomable and overwhelming. In these turbulent circumstances one can get engulfed in the feelings of hopelessness and despair.To cope with such difficult circumstances, professional help and guidance can prove beneficials. Our experienced clinical psychologists help people in maintaining a healthy mind and improve their overall well-being. Click on below book an appointment for Psychological Consultation.

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    Over time I have been influenced and touched by a number of books that had a bearing on me and the therapeutic approach adopted by me.
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    we use a variety of techniques to identify causes for the problems/issues faced by clients and then tailors my therapies for maximum effectiveness…
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Experienced Clinical Psychologist and Specialist Counselor with Victim Services NSW

Dr Gurprit Ganda  Clinical Psychologist in Sydney

Dr Gurprit Ganda is a qualified and trained Clinical Psychologist in Sydney, registered with Psychology Board of Australia with an endorsement for Clinical Psychology, Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and a member of the College of Clinical Psychologists within APS. I am also the founder of Potentialz Unlimited. In addition, Dr Gurprit Ganda is an Approved Counsellor with Victim Services, NSW and WorkCover NSW. Her doctoral research was on the relationship between psychological factors and obesity in school students.

Our Psychologists provide evidence-based psychological treatments for all age groups and genders. Our psychologists are fully trained and use a variety of techniques such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Art & Play Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Arousal Reduction Techniques, Progressive Muscular Relaxation Techniques, Self-Hypnosis, Breathing Techniques, Grounding Techniques for treating patients with issues relating to depression, stress, anxiety disorders, self-esteem, PTSD, relationship problems and pain disorders.

We also offer in-depth and comprehensive medico legal reports and assessments for clients and new patients. Book an appointment now for counselling, therapies & treatments for various psychological disorders.

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Our Clinical Psychologists specialize in Psychological Disorders

Depression Treatment Sydney

Depression is one of the most common complications of a psychological disorder. It causes severe symptoms affecting people’s quality of life. Here are some common signs and symptoms of depression include feeling sad, loss of interest in daily activities such as working, sleeping, studying, or eating, loss of energy, low moods, and hopelessness.

Do you feel you are struggling with a depressive disorder? Just consult with our experienced Clinical Psychologist. They will diagnose if you suffer from depression or other psychological disorders and provide appropriate treatment. Psychological therapies utilised by us are proven to help most people who suffer from depression issues and help them get back to normal life!

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Anxiety Treatment Sydney

Suffering from an anxiety disorder is not just a matter of being too anxious. In certain circumstances, the experience of anxiety is very normal. Moderate levels of anxiety will improve performance, and sometimes even high levels of anxiety will be appropriate when they are consistent with the demands of the situation.

Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling that we all experience at times. If you experience symptoms of anxiety it is likely that you will recognise many of the feelings such as stressed, nervous, irritable, uptight, or tense, physical symptoms, thoughts and behaviour patterns. Have you struggled to overcome an anxiety disorder? Contact the specialist psychologists at Potentialz Unlimited in Sydney. They can help you get rid of problems related to anxiety or generalised anxiety disorders.

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Trauma Counseling Sydney

Psychological Trauma or Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an intense emotional and psychological response to an event, either recent or in the past, that was very disturbing or stressful (traumatic). It can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event, such as rape, a natural disaster, or war. Trauma Counselling program can help people with experiencing trauma in their life. Our Clinical Psychologists provides trauma Counselling and evidence-based Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy treatments for PTSD.

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Dealing with Stress

Psychologists provide treatment to people suffering from excessive or chronic stress disorder. Under these conditions, stress can have a lot many adverse effects. Both your body and your mind can exhibit stress symptoms such as headaches, upset stomach, back pain, and symptoms like insomnia. Moreover people under large amounts of stress can become tired, sick and unable to concentrate or think clearly.

How to deal with stress? There are healthy ways and unhealthy ways to cope with stress in your life. The healthy ways to deal with stress management include regular exercise, socialising,, making time in your busy schedule for fun and relaxation, adopting a healthy lifestyle and getting active. The unhealthy ways to stress management techniques contains smoking, consuming excessive amount of alcohol, using pills or drugs to relax, over-sleeping, overeating and procrastinating. Our experienced psychotherapist provide evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help patients manage stress by changing the impact of negative thoughts and/or behaviours. Contact us for dealing with stress disorder.

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Low Self-Esteem Treatment

Self-esteem is a person’s core belief about himself or herself. A person’s self-esteem is reflected in his or her actions, both in how as well as what he or she does. Although self-esteem varies from time to time, the pattern usually leans toward a healthy or unhealthy view of self. With healthy self-esteem, a person is more likely to succeed in life.Those with an low or unhealthy self-esteem lack confidence and exhibit traits of nervousness and impulsiveness. Psychologists help in changing the self-talk of a person leading to growth of healthy self-esteem. for further information about self-esteem

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