What mental health experts say to their kids about school shootings

NBC News recently published this post about “What Mental Health Experts Say To Their Kids About School Shootings“. Some of the points made by the author Nicole Spector in the post are worthwhile. Ensure you have your own support system in place (counsellor or friend to lean on). Yoga, Mindfulness and meditation are a great help too. […]

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Did Mental Illness Make Him Do It???

Empty School Corridor

In a recent post Mental Illness Didn’t Make Him Do It, author Jonathan Foiles, makes a case that mental illness was not the reason behind Nikolas Cruz shooting of school children in the Florida. While the arguments seem justified, they miss taking an evidence-based approach to testing some crucial hypothesis about the shooting massacres that go […]

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How to Stop Panic Attacks Before They Start

How to stop panic attacks

Introduction Panic attacks are a sudden feeling of intense and disabling stress or anxiety. They tend to last anywhere between ten minutes and several hours.They can occur to us at any time of the day, even when we may be feeling relaxed. Once we have been through a panic attack and experienced the discomfort and […]

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Panic Attacks Vs Panic Disorder

panic attacks vs panic disorder

Panic Attacks versus Panic Disorder Panic attacks are a sudden feeling of intense and disabling stress or anxiety. They tend to last anywhere between ten minutes and several hours. In reality, we go through Panic Attacks when we experience sudden and intense feelings of fear and anxiety. They can occur to us at any time […]

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What Causes Panic Attacks

What Are Panic Attacks? Yesterday, I saw someone panicking in a situation and another bystander came along and said to me “Seems like this person is having a panic attack!”. I was quite bemused, but experience tells me that this is the general interpretation of the term Panic Attacks. In reality, we go through Panic […]

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Trauma-focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

trauma-focused cognitive behaviour therapy

What is Trauma-focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ? Trauma-focused cognitive behaviour therapy (TF-CBT) is an evidence-based therapy. It is specially designed to help children, adolescents, adults and families to overcome the negative effects of a traumatic experience. TF-CBT is proven to be an effective psychotherapeutic treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is used by our […]

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An Eating Disorder May Accompany A Cancer Diagnosis

Cachexia - An eating disorder that accompanies Cancer

Most people can’t imagine hearing their doctor say the words – “you have cancer.” Every year 12.7 million people discover they have cancer and according to The National Cancer Institute “almost all” people with advanced cancer develop anorexia. When someone with a chronic illness develops an eating disorder it’s called cachexia (ca·chex·i·a), or wasting disorder. […]

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SELF CARE – Wisdom of the Mind for the Body, Soul and Spirit

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel –  Eleanor Brownn Who has not heard of Self Care? It is a popular term we hear or read about in health magazines, wellness workshops and advise from mental health practitioners. Yet, you will be surprised to hear that so many people struggle with […]

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5 Mental Health Conditions That Benefit From Yoga

Summary Research is finding that Yoga is proving to be increasingly beneficial in a range of mental health conditions. A recent post on Newsweek reviews the health benefits of Yoga on Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, psychiatric disorders and eating disorders. Written by Lizette Borreli, the post – Yoga And Mental Health: How It Helps Depression And Four Other […]

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Different Methods to Treat Depression

Different Methods to Treat Depression - Treatment for Depression

Depression is now evolving into the biggest epidemic of 21st century and is one of the major causes of suicide. Depression can happen to anyone and lead to severe consequences on the daily life of the patient. Celebrities, Parliamentarians and Influential Persons are now joining hands to make sure that mental health issues are given […]

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