Do PTSD victims benefit from Exposure Therapy?

Do PTSD Victims Benefit from Exposure Therapy

Accidents, shocks, trauma – these are unfortunate and unwanted, but not inevitable in our lives. We all go through suffering, but we still get through whatever bad has happened to us, and move forward. There are, however, some unfortunate people in this world who have trouble coming back to reality after something traumatic has happened. […]

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New Type of Counselling Could Reduce Risk of PTSD for Victims of Crime

Introduction Researchers have found that a new type of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), a form of counselling, can help reduce the risk of developing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in victims who have experienced an emotional or psychological trauma. A trauma, an emotional response to a harmful, terrifying, life-threatening event, can have significant consequences for […]

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Best Treatments For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Best Treatment for Post traumatic Stress Disorder

Introduction Post traumatic stress disorder can be a terrifying experience that not only affects the individual who suffer from but also those around them. Individuals who have suffered from severe traumatic events tend to suffer from a number of PTSD symptoms and some of these can put yourself or those around you in danger. Through […]

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Detailed Information on GP Mental Health Plan offered by Medicare Australia

I am giving out this piece of information to help my readers to know in details how the GP Mental Health Plan works. The information in this post is extracted from Australian Psychological Society website. The link to the complete post is What is the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative? Medicare rebates […]

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