10 ways to keep your brain young

10 ways to keep your brain young

10 Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

10 ways to keep your brain young

What really works to prevent memory loss? Learn from the experts the powerful steps you can take to boost brain power and keep your mind sharp as you age.For more healthy living guides, download the Mayo Clinic app. http://mayocl.in/2pWM4bm

Posted by Mayo Clinic on Sunday, 1 July 2018

The above video discusses 10 strategies that can help keep your brain sharp and young even as you age.

The strategies include:

  1. Socialize More (as the rate of memory decline in individuals that socialize often is less than those who don’t)
  2. Exercise (Physical activity improves neuroplasticity, your brain’s ability to think, remember and adapt)
  3. Learn New Skills (as continuous learning will help lower the risk of memory loss)
  4. Eat Greens (individuals who eat more fruits, veggies and healthy fats like olive oil or coconut oil have sharper brains.
  5. Sleep Well (don’t go short on your daily sleep requirements. Sleep deprivement can cause problems with memory and thinking, besides lowering your level of alertness).
  6. Brain Training (Puzzles, games and online gaming exercise your brain and keep your mind sharp).
  7. Stop Smoking (Smoking increases the risk of cognitive problems. Quitting benefits from day one itself).
  8. Manage Stress (relaxation helps reduce stress. If stress persists for a longer duration it can cause a host of problems including depression, which retard brain functioning).
  9. Protect yourself from head injuries (injuries to the head can cause brain damage and increase the risk of cognitive problems later on in life).
  10. Keep your blood pressure in control (High BP increases the risk of stroke, which can seriously damage your brain and nervous system).

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