Top conflict styles for a healthy relationship

In a recent article on Psychcentral it is reported that individuals in a relationship adopt a variety of conflict styles. The style adopted by an individual has a bearing on the relationship. Styles mentioned in the article are: The ||Avoidant|| Avoidant people minimize conflict as much as possible. They still interact with their spouse but […]

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Links Between Stress and Breast Cancer

Women beware. A new study has found that social isolation and related cancer can heighten the risk of breast cancer suspectability.The study was published on a PNAS paper titled, “Social Isolation Dysregulates Endocrine and Behavioral Stress While Increasing Malignant Burden of Spontaneous Mammary Tumors.” Gretchen Hermes, a resident in psychiatry at the Yale University School […]

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The Link Between Stress and Depression

Stress is one of the predominant factors for inducing depression. The video from Webmd discusses the link in detail and then highlights strategies suggested by mental health professionals to ensure the risk factors are minimized. It is a short video and I am sure all my readers will find it very informative. As always I […]

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Detailed Information on GP Mental Health Plan offered by Medicare Australia

I am giving out this piece of information to help my readers to know in details how the GP Mental Health Plan works. The information in this post is extracted from Australian Psychological Society website. The link to the complete post is What is the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative? Medicare rebates […]

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Regulated Breathing For Controlling Stress

how does deep breathing help

Do Deep Breathing Exercises Help? We all face situations of stress in our life. During such situations, if we shift our attention to our breath we will see that we are breathing too fast? Stress and anxiety can impact our frequency of heartbeats and speed up our breath rate. On the contrary when we are […]

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