Dementia diagnosis can trigger suicide

According to a recent article in “”The Age – An initial diagnosis of dementia can trigger suicide among patients.———— Dementia diagnosis may trigger suicides by ADELE HORIN An early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be so confronting that it raises the risk of patients taking their own life, according to a leading psychiatrist. Baby boomers […]

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Links between Diabetes and Stress

According to American Diabetes Association stress alters blood glucose level in two ways in people affected with diabetes: People under stress may not take good care of themselves. They may drink more alcohol or exercise less. They may forget, or not have time, to check their glucose levels or plan good meals. Stress hormones may […]

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Client Testimonial # 2

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Gurprit Ganda: as she have given me the necessary tools to enhance my life skills and significantly change my outlook. This has led to a clearer mind and an enormous improvement to my mental health. I felt comfortable expressing my issues and I was not judged in […]

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Impact of College closures on Student Mental Health

Australian education sector has been rocked with the closure of bankrupt colleges. Closure of colleges has left over 2700 students and around 370 staff with an uncertain future. The news has raised issues of financial viability for a number of such education institutions that have mushroomed across Australia to provide education in vocational courses. A […]

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Symtoms of OCD

Definition Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder. The person suffers from unwanted repetitive thoughts and behaviors. These obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors are very difficult to overcome. If severe and untreated, OCD can destroy the ability to function at work, school, or home. SymptomsSymptoms: Obsessions—unwanted, repetitive, and intrusive ideas, impulses, or images Compulsions—repetitive behaviors […]

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