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What is Self esteem?

According to the Health Direct website “Self esteem is the way we think about ourselves and the value we place on ourselves”.1 Low self-esteem can lead to a number of issues such as poor body image, eating disorders, body dissatisfaction. When we have low self-esteem we tend to say negative things about ourselves and are over critical of ourselves. Our focus is on our negatives and we tend to ignore our positives such as achievements in academics, sports, theatre, visual arts. We have created a very informative video on Self esteem. It describes in detail what is self esteem and how having a little self-esteem impacts mental health.

Video on “what is self esteem”

Impact of low self-esteem

When we are low in self esteem we feel very discouraged by failure and experience social anxiety and have low confidence in our abilities. In essence, we would exhibit some of these symptoms if we have low self-esteem:

  1. Avoid social activities or withdraw from them altogether
  2. Be highly anxious and emotionally distraught
  3. May develop eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa
  4. Have a negative view of our own abilities
  5. Be not willing to accept compliments
  6. Reluctant to take up new challenges
  7. Not have very high opinion about what life has to offer
  8. Not willing to take decisions
  9. More concerned about what people think of us
  10. Neglect our own needs.

Youtube has a number of excellent videos devoted to self-esteem. One of them by is on “Self Esteem – Understanding & Fixing Low Self esteem”. It looks at the elements of self esteem and provides strategies for developing a health self esteem.

Another video on “what is self esteem?”

Then there is another video. It explains excellently the tools given for developing self esteem as laid out in the book: “The six pillars of self esteem” is by Nathaniel Branden.

The pillars they discuss about are

  1. The practice of living consciously.
  2. The practice of self-acceptance;
  3. The practice of self-responsibility;
  4. The practice of self-assertiveness;
  5. The practice of living purposefully;
  6. The practice of personal integrity.

You may want to visit a Psychologist to assess if you have low self-esteem and get a personalised treatment plan to help you overcome these problems. Our team of psychologists are well-equipped to handle these issues and we suggest you give us a call, if you or someone you are concerned about may be going through psychological/mental health problems.

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