Balanced Way to Beat Anxiety and Depression

Balanced Way to Beat Anxiety and Depression in Sydney

Are you experiencing negative thoughts in your mind regularly. Or do you feel sad, worried, depressed or unable to shake of the thoughts that upset you? Are you experiencing sleepless nights with stressful thoughts? Do you often struggle with low libido and find no joy in your life?

Such symptoms indicates that you are most likely under the attack of anxiety or depression related disorders.

We frequently observe that patients usually approach family physicians to get help for such problems. Commonly physicians recommends antidepressants or anti-anxiety medicines to provide a quick fix such conditions. Researches over time and by different researchers validate that anxiety and depression related conditions are for a longer term and from mental imbalances than health problems arising from physical disorders.

Before adopting quick fix solutions based on medicines, we strongly recommend to have a deep analysis of the cause of the anxiety and disorder for a proper and stable recovery process. We are not saying that medication in not needed for the treatment. Rather we would like to reiterate that for a stable recovery we need to complement medicines with psychotherapy to help patients cope with the daily challenges of anxiety and depression with proper techniques.

Extensive use of antidepressants also have negative side effects impacts on the body. Several studies have estimated that the use of antidepressants have gone up by 400% in recent years. In Sydney, nearly 23% females between the ages of 40 to 59 consumes antidepressants. Long-term consumption of antidepressants results in physical disorders such as sexual dysfunction, weight gain. Besides the symptoms may relapse over time.

What is the rational way to treat anxiety and depression related disorders?

While prescription based medication is the one of the fastest way to treat anxiety and depression disorders, they comes with numerous side effects. Due to which, we have seen more and more people in Sydney opting for psychotherapeutic forms of treatments for anxiety and depression related disorders which ensures long-term improvement.

In Sydney, we see two most common forms of psychotherapy based methods getting adopted for treating patients with anxiety or depression related disorders such as Behavioural Therapy and Evidence Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

In Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, clinical psychologists helps patients to adapt their anxiety and depression related thought patterns into more positive engagements which helps them to look life from a new eye. On the other hand, in behavioural therapy, the therapist supports and empowers the patients to combat unusual anxiety trapped behaviours towards psychological stability. For example, patients learns various techniques for mind as well as body relaxation and deep breathing exercises to normalize hyperventilation caused by acute stress or panic attacks.

Both medication and alternative psychotherapy based counselling must be complemented with

  • Regular exercise or brisk walk
  • healthy, anti-inflammatory diet
  • Community and charitable work that provides positivity and strength to the mind.

In Sydney, patients can rightly visit the website of Australian Psychological Society (APS) to search out for psychologists. APS provides an online platform to patients to find a Psychologist service and provides a referral towards identifying the right psychologist to suit various needs. The qualified referrals are drawn from Australian Psychological Society’s database of more than 2,400 registered psychologists around Australia. For more details, please visit find a psychologist section.

In Sydney, we are one of most acclaimed psychotherapy based counselling provider for anxiety and depression based disorders listed in Australian Psychological Society. Please feel free to contact us for any advice. We would be happy to help you.

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