Anxiety disorders that you may or may not heard of

anxiety disorders

Anxiety Disorders Subtypes classification There are several major types of anxiety disorders, each with its own characteristics. Generalized anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person I always in a state of fear and has negative thoughts about themselves and their possessions, always thinking negatively. When there is a sudden intense feeling […]

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Links Between ADHD And Parental Tobacco Use

links between adhd and parental tobacco use

Link Between ADHD and Tobacco Use A number of studies are hinting at the direct link between parental tobacco use (including smoking) and ADHD1,2,4,5,7,10. The link is stronger for children born of “smoking mothers” than of “smoking fathers”10 . Of course, the risk increases even further if both the father and mother are smoking. The […]

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Detailed Information on GP Mental Health Plan offered by Medicare Australia

I am giving out this piece of information to help my readers to know in details how the GP Mental Health Plan works. The information in this post is extracted from Australian Psychological Society website. The link to the complete post is What is the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative? Medicare rebates […]

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An interesting Video on “What is Self esteem”

Shy pretty teenage girl with self esteem issues holding a small mirror

What is Self esteem? According to the Health Direct website “Self esteem is the way we think about ourselves and the value we place on ourselves”.1 Low self-esteem can lead to a number of issues such as poor body image, eating disorders, body dissatisfaction. When we have low self-esteem we tend to say negative things […]

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