An Eating Disorder May Accompany A Cancer Diagnosis

Cachexia - An eating disorder that accompanies Cancer

Most people can’t imagine hearing their doctor say the words – “you have cancer.” Every year 12.7 million people discover they have cancer and according to The National Cancer Institute “almost all” people with advanced cancer develop anorexia. When someone with a chronic illness develops an eating disorder it’s called cachexia (ca·chex·i·a), or wasting disorder. […]

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What are the best treatments for recovery from Depression?

Evidence Based Treatments For Depression Problems

Chronic Depression is a very serious illness. It can be perilous at times. Governments, Universities and Research Institutes are putting lot of resources and manpower to find out the best treatments for recovery from Depression. Slowly clarity is emerging from the haze. A clearer understanding of how the brain is configured is leading to a […]

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Developments in Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Developments in Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Introduction Feeling anxious can be a normal response to a stressing or even exciting situation. Everyone can have anxious feelings and they can also be very healthy, they can be a warning sign to a dangerous situation, warning you to be careful. Fear of spiders, heights, taking a test or flying can often be experienced. […]

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Use of Evidence Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Sydney

Uses of Evidence Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Introduction Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a recommended psychotherapeutic treatment for many mental health disorders. It is effective in treatment of Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Substance Use Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Sexual Disorders, Somatisation, Chronic Fatigue, Hypochondriasis, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Psychotic Disorders. Originally used to treat depression, CBT’s use expanded over time, to treat other mental health disorders too. […]

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Best Treatments For Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Best Treatment for Post traumatic Stress Disorder

Introduction Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be a terrifying experience for the individual who suffers from it. Simultaneously, it can severely affect the friends and families of the individuals affected by it. PTSD symptoms affect Individuals who have been through life-threatening traumatic events and they start exhibiting some of the symptoms that characterise PTSD. It […]

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Anxiety disorders that you may or may not heard of

anxiety disorders

Anxiety Disorders Subtypes classification There are several major types of anxiety disorders, each with its own characteristics. Generalized anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder in which a person I always in a state of fear and has negative thoughts about themselves and their possessions, always thinking negatively. When there is a sudden intense feeling […]

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Postnatal Depression and its Treatment

Post Natal Depression and Its Treatment

What is Postnatal Depression? Postnatal Depression (PND) is a form of depression that develops in women, between one month and up to one year after the birth of a baby. PND is a common phenomenon and almost 1 in 10 women suffer from it. While childbirth is supposed to be a matter of delight and […]

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