An Alarming Percentage of Teens Suffer From Depression

Stats about teen depression are alarming. Almost 20 percent of teens, ie, one in five, suffers from clinical depression. Its impact goes beyond them, as it affects their families also. “It’s going to look like an epidemic because it is,” said Dr. Gary Nelson, a counselor and ordained minister. Such alarming numbers call for drastic […]

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Different Methods to Treat Depression

Different Methods to Treat Depression - Treatment for Depression

Depression is now evolving into the biggest epidemic of 21st century and is one of the major causes of suicide. Depression can happen to anyone and lead to severe consequences on the daily life of the patient. Celebrities, Parliamentarians and Influential Persons are now joining hands to make sure that mental health issues are given […]

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7 food habits that can help to fight with depression

7 Foods That Can Help Fight Depression Issues

There are pockets of human beings who believe that nutrition impacts every aspect of our life. They strive to trace back any illness back to its purported source – diet. To a certain extent this may be right. As for depression, many researches are indeed pointing to the interlink between depression and diet (or lack […]

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What are the best treatments for recovery from Depression?

Evidence Based Treatments For Depression Problems

Chronic Depression is a very serious illness. It can be perilous at times. Governments, Universities and Research Institutes are putting lot of resources and manpower to find out the best treatments for recovery from Depression. Slowly clarity is emerging from the haze. A clearer understanding of how the brain is configured is leading to a […]

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Treatment of Depression In Sydney: CBT, Antidepressants or Both?

Introduction Depression is experienced as feeling down or depressed, experiencing tiredness almost every day, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, having trouble sleeping or sleeping more than usual, a sense of restlessness, significant weight gain or loss. Depression is defined as a serious medical (psychological) condition in which a person feels sad and hopeless and is […]

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Use of Evidence Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Sydney

Uses of Evidence Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Introduction Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a recommended psychotherapeutic treatment for many mental health disorders. It is effective in treatment of Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Substance Use Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Sexual Disorders, Somatisation, Chronic Fatigue, Hypochondriasis, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Psychotic Disorders. Originally used to treat depression, CBT’s use expanded over time, to treat other mental health disorders too. […]

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Depression Treatment Using Psychotherapies

Depression Treatment Using Psychotherapies in Sydney

Depression Treatment Using Psychotherapies Depression can strike anyone, whether they live in Sydney or elsewhere, leaving them feeling not just alone but hopeless, lost and fatigued. Good news is that depression treatment using psychotherapies is possible. Once client consult their general practitioner, they may prescribe medication, psychotherapy or a combination of both for its treatment. […]

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Detailed Information on GP Mental Health Plan offered by Medicare Australia

I am giving out this piece of information to help my readers to know in details how the GP Mental Health Plan works. The information in this post is extracted from Australian Psychological Society website. The link to the complete post is What is the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative? Medicare rebates […]

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Postnatal Depression and its Treatment

Post Natal Depression and Its Treatment

What is Postnatal Depression? Postnatal Depression (PND) is a form of depression that develops in women, between one month and up to one year after the birth of a baby. PND is a common phenomenon and almost 1 in 10 women suffer from it. While childbirth is supposed to be a matter of delight and […]

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