Documenting Tech Abuse and Stalking


While new technologies are great when it comes to keeping in touch with family and friends and staying abreast of any changes in the lives of your loved ones, there’s a hidden cost. Unfortunately, the myriad ways we communicate with each other have opened up avenues that are subject to abuse.  Technology can be used […]

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The diet that reduces the risk of depression

the diet that reduces the risk of depression

New research finds that eating raw fruits and vegetables is directly linked to better mental health. The findings of this research suggest that people eating raw fruit and vegetables are at a lower risk of being depressed and are more likely to flourish and feel positive about their life. According to this research, raw bananas and […]

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Did Mental Illness Make Him Do It???

Empty School Corridor

In a recent post Mental Illness Didn’t Make Him Do It, author Jonathan Foiles, makes a case that mental illness was not the reason behind Nikolas Cruz shooting of school children in the Florida. While the arguments seem justified, they miss taking an evidence-based approach to testing some crucial hypothesis about the shooting massacres that […]

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Terms for our services

Here we set out your rights and responsibilities in relation to information security, access and confidentiality as well as your obligations regarding fees, cancellations and rebates. Information Security and Access In the course of your treatment, personal information about you is collected to enable your treatment. All notes taken in the course of your treatment […]

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Healing the mental wounds of victims of crime

Recently the attack on a teenage girl by other teenage girls was in the news. The victim was attacked for about 30 minutes by a group of 3 girls who were egged on to perpetrate the attack by mother of one of the assaulters. Please read Mum encouraged daughter to assault girl for further details. […]

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Advice for Parents When Buying Video Games

Recently I was requested by a friend of mine to help them with identifying the right games for their kids. My initial thought was to mention that they should go for age appropriate games as given by game ratings and ensure that children are exposed to right emotions for their age. It is ideal that […]

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Client Testimonial

Please find here one of the testimonials among the many I have received from my clients. ———–I went to counselling due to the trauma of an armed robbery at my workplace. I have been seeing Gurprit regularly for over 6 months. We have worked through the effects of the robbery, my return to work, and […]

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

I am often asked what is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). I recently stumbled on this video which gives a very good introduction to what is CBT and the situations in which Psychologists use it. I decided to share it with everyone here. Let me know your feedback once you have seen the video.

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A video on Obsessive Behavior

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) are one of the common Anxiety Disorders. They are characterized by obsessions with some activity or behavior. The present video highlights how an obsession with Ritual Cleansing can impact a person and their environment. Psychologists employ a number of therapeutic interventions for treating clients suffering with OCD problems. If you would […]

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