Client Testimonial

Please find here one of the testimonials among the many I have received from my clients.

I went to counselling due to the trauma of an armed robbery at my workplace. I have been seeing Gurprit regularly for over 6 months. We have worked through the effects of the robbery, my return to work, and understanding myself better after the event. Gurprit has taken into consideration all facets of the trauma, but has not just focused on the trauma itself. Instead, she has focused on me, and my ability to overcome issues and be a better person after this.

Gurprit has given me tools to work through the trauma and its subsequent effects. She has been supportive, encouraging, and deliberate in how she manages each counselling session. There have been times that I have felt I did not need to visit for a session, but came out grateful for the opportunity. After over 6 months of counselling, I am coming out of this time in my life a stronger person, with more clarity, and with more happiness about how things are going. I might still have low times, but Gurprit has given me tools to use. Though I am not glad for the robbery, I am grateful for the opportunity to have counselling with Gurprit.

IC from Sydney, NSW


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