Clinical Psychologist That Cares

Clinical Psychologist that cares

‘Psychologist’ is a general term that denotes a person who has trained in psychology related fields. There are many speciality areas in the field of psychology such as clinical, educational, forensic, sports and health psychology.

The applications of knowledge of psychology to emotional and physical problems is called clinical psychology and the professionals that assess mental health problems and provide treatment are known as clinical psychologists. In Australia, Clinical Psychologists are required to fulfill certain coursework and supervision requirements before qualifying for these titles. In addition they need to be registered with AHPRA arm, Psychology Board of Australia, as a Psychologist and Area of Practice Endorsement for “Clinical Psychology”.

To continue to renew their registrations every year, Clinical Psychologists, need to keep abreast of the development in the subject by satisfying 30 minimum hours of professional development activities every year.

Clinical Psychologist that Cares

A patient in consultation with a Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychology applies the knowledge of psychology to mental, emotional and behavioural problems. These could include learning disabilities, substance abuse, generalized anxiety disorders (such as obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders), anxiety, depression and stress.

Clinical Psychologists are trained to diagnose these problems in their clients and providing  psychological care and treatment using evidence-based psychotherapies and techniques.

Psychotherapy can be very useful but it is very important to choose the right psychologist, someone who you can trust by making you feel cared and special and also has the experience to help you makes positive changes in your life.

On their part therapists need to have a positive regard for their patients and be compassionate to their condition. A clinical psychologist that cares for their patient will definitely show care, compassion and positive regard. They will aim to help them become strong and self-aware.

As clients you need to look for these very qualities in your service provider when looking for an AHPRA endorsed Clinical Psychologist in Sydney and elsewhere. It is also your duty as a patient to be co-operative and actively participate in the treatment sessions.

Everybody can benefit from therapy sessions and patient really don’t really have to be mentally unstable before seeking psychological therapy in times of difficulty like the passing away of a loved one or a divorce.

Psychologists know that it feels good to be listened and to know someone who cares about you and wants to help you. Providing psychological counselling is one important part of a psychologist’s job.

Another form of psychotherapy which psychologist applies to heal mental problems is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It involves the changing the thought pattern of the patient from negative to positive, from bleak to bright.

All psychotherapies require time commitment and are challenging, as painful sentiments and feelings surface during treatment. Addressing these hidden thoughts, feelings and memories provide long-lasting benefits way beyond relief from symptoms. These therapies give clients the tools to reshape their life into something very different and positive, something they had dreamed about.

Sometimes these therapies do not work, so psychologists have to advice the patient to consult their GP or specialist Psychiatrist to prescribe drugs for mental problem like anti-psychotics and antidepressants. These drugs are very beneficial for the treatment of mental problems, but they come with great side-effects. Psychologists advise clients to continuously monitor the behaviour patterns and the signs of the side-effects to cope with the side-effects in time because many of these side-effects can be life threatening.


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