Depression Treatment in Sydney Using Various Kinds of Therapies

Depression Treatment in Sydney

Depression Treatment in Sydney

Depression can strike anyone, whether they live in Sydney or elsewhere, leaving them feeling not just alone but hopeless, lost and fatigued. Though most depression is commonly treated with medication a more beneficial way to help you rid yourself of depression is seeking out help. Working with a trained professional therapist can not only bring to light the true reason for your depression but can supply you with a number of techniques that will help you reduce your risk of being affected by depression again.

Evidence Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Through this type of therapy the person works closely with a therapist to find patterns of thinking that triggers specific behaviour. This therapy can help individuals recognized the negative and positive patterns that can bring about depression or keep them from making improvements. Therapists work with individuals usually on a twenty four week session period and help them recognize their negative patterns and turn them into more positive and rewarding behavioural patterns.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

This type of therapy revolves around personal relationships and the effects they have on individuals. Through IPT individuals will learn about how their relationship can be adding to their depression and will focus on ways to deal with problems that arise from these personal relationship. Unlike other forms of therapy that concentrate on emotions, feeling or actually thoughts the individual has IPT focus on the actual relationships each individual has. IPT therapy is typically help through a twenty four week session series.

Behavioural Activation Therapy (BAT)

Also referred to as Behaviour Therapy (BT), Behavioural Activation is a component of cognitive behaviour therapy. This type of therapy can be achieved on individual basis or in group session that tend to run for sixteen weeks. Through this therapy individuals will work with a therapist to help promote activity and less focus in given to changing the individual’s beliefs or attitude. It is suggested that one a person can find something they enjoy doing this will add to their overall happiness and pleasure in life. It is with IPT that the individual begins to explore areas that can have positive impacts in their life by allowing them to do something that can bring them joy.

Problem-Solving Therapy

Problem solving therapy is an in depth therapy that helps the individual rethink and rework though the problems and issues they face. Through sessions an individual will discuss the root of their problems and come up with a specific way to resolve these issues. The individual then carries out the plan of action to resolve their problems, if the solutions was not successful they will work out why it was not with their therapist and again come about with a new solution. This type of therapy is highly beneficial to treating depression because it allow the individual to see the actual cause of their depression and to come up with a working plan that will help them cope, walk through and address the problems they face until it is resolved.

There are a number of different therapy techniques that can help you fight against your depression. Therapy can greatly reduce the effects of depression and help you thoroughly work through the deeper triggers of your depression whether in groups on through individual one on one sessions.


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