Links between Diabetes and Stress

According to American Diabetes Association stress alters blood glucose level in two ways in people affected with diabetes:

  • People under stress may not take good care of themselves. They may drink more alcohol or exercise less. They may forget, or not have time, to check their glucose levels or plan good meals.
  • Stress hormones may also alter blood glucose levels directly.

Particularly explaining the second effect ADA explains that when stress occurs body gets into flight or fight response mode. In this mode brain sends signal for increasing hormone release. Hormone increase in the body releases stored energy to cells. The cells then act to help the body away from danger.

ADA explains that in people with diabetes enough insulin is not available to let the extra energy into the cells. As a result glucose piles up in the blood. Increased glucose levels lead to all the associated problems.

For the full article please visit Living with Diabetes.


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