Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are Happier, Says Science

Beautiful curvy plus sized woman

Here is a study that should bring cheer to plus size women looking to form relationships with men. A study by National Autonomous University of Mexico found that men who were in relationship with curvy, plus size women were upto 10 times happier compared to those in a relationship with skinny women. Beside being happier they were smiling more often and better at problem-solving.fashionable curvy plus size woman

Apparently plus size women are better at anticipating their partner’s needs and fulfiling them. They are happy to cook tasteful delights full of carbs, allow their partners to buy and purchase their favourite chocolates, and to top it all they are literally and figuratively sweeter. They are better at cooking and thoroughly enjoy a good meal with their partners.

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Even though men typically prefer tall, thin women, a study shows that they need to expand their horizons.

In a study carried out by the department of psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Dr. Edgardo Morales and Dr. Filemón Alvarado found that men that were in a relationship with curvy, plus-size women were 10 times happier compared to men that were in a relationship with skinny women.

They also found that men that were in a relationship with chubby women smiled more and were more likely to solve their problems easier.

Evidently, the higher BMI of chubby women comes with an incredible side effect of being able to anticipate their partner’s needs as well as satisfy them.

Men love chubby women’s fat dimples, fat rolls, and extra side boobs.

For these women, carrying baby weight and reproducing would not be a problem, since they’re already heavy.

Here is why men who were in a relationship with curvy, plus-size women were 10 times happier compared to men that were with skinny women:
  • These women do not put too much pressure on their partners to be fit.
  • They do not try to lose weight. This means more eating out opportunities.
  • Buying them their favorite chocolate can make them happy.
  • They’re funnier. People that laugh together are happier couples. Furthermore, happier couples are more likely to have a healthier and longer relationship.
  • They give good hugs. Chubby women are better to hug, without exceptions.
  • They tend to cook better. Of course, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
  • They’re foodies. Men want to chow down with their partners.
  • These women tend to be figuratively and literally sweeter.
  • There is more to love.

Curvy, plus-size women are labelled unhealthy or unattractive in mainstream media. However, this study shows that men that marry plus-size women tend to be happier.



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