Narrative Therapy in Sydney

Narrative Therapy helps clients to observe their issues from a distant and then narrate it as stories to understand how the issue may actually be helping or protecting them, instead of hurting them. This change in perspective allows clients to change their thought patterns and behaviour and re-script their life story to better reflect who they are, their capabilities, and their purpose as opposed to just being focused on their problems.


Narrative Therapy can benefit individuals, couples and families. Anyone who define themselves through their problems or feelings such as “I am a loser” or “I am a depressed person” can learn through Narrative Therapy that their problem does not identifies them.

The psychologist encourages the client to direct the conversation to topics they prefer, and then observes whether the topic is about a problem they would like to discuss. Over time, the psychologist encourages the client to narrate more positive stories in their life to identify client’s skills and traits which can be used to address the problems they are experiencing. Using this approach the Psychologist makes the client understand that they should not define themselves with their problems and instead use the latent positive and productive ways to solve the problems in their life.

The Science Behind Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy helps clients view the events in their life as stories, with some being more significant than others. The significant and fateful events can shape client’s identity. But further explorations helps clients discover that other events point to capabilities and strengths that need to be utilised by them fruitfully. The psychologist role in the whole process is of a guide, helping clients uncover their latent strengths to achieve their dreams and goals.

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