One Woman’s Experience with Depression

The video on NIH Senior health portal shows the tryst of a 78 year woman with Depression. She suffered from depression for over 40 years . The video is available on NIH Senior’s Website

I reproduce here some excerpts from the transcript of the video:

Peggy Templeman: My symptoms included loss of appetite, inability to sleep… I guess for a while I was irritable. I would begin to shun people because I knew something was wrong and I didn’t want them to know……….It would come and then it would go for maybe over 40 years.

Narrator: About two million older adults in the United States suffer from full-blown depression. Another five million suffer from less severe forms of the illness. Depression in later life can be caused by a variety of factors.

Dr. George Niederehe: The triggers for depression are changes in health, traumatic events, major changes in one’s life circumstances, loss of people who are dear to you, loss of the ability to do the kinds of things that you are used to doing and give you pleasure.

Narrator: The triggers for Peggy’s bouts of depression included high levels of stress, an inner ear disease and losing a valued psychotherapist.


Narrator: Peggy’s journey out of depression was long and difficult but she is now in recovery and she has a message for those who may be suffering with this disease.

Peggy: Talk, tell it to the family, tell it to the friend, tell it to the family doctor. Help is here. Help is there.


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