Lifestyle Habits That Help Relieve Stress

lifestyle choices that help reduce stress

Do Our Lifestyle Choices Impact Our Mental Health? Yes, smoking, drinking too much alcohol or energy drinks, not getting enough sleep or having an irregular sleep pattern, over-dosing on caffeinated drinks and hanging around people who stress you out can all contribute to your stress levels rising through the roof. But, if you try to […]

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How To Stop Panic Attacks While On The Road

how to stop panic attacks while on the road

How to Stop Panic Attacks While on the Road Panic attacks are a very debilitating experience. But, they can be especially overwhelming when you happen to be behind the wheel. It’s normal to feel some anxiety while driving. In fact, many drivers wind up having a panic attack at some point during their driving career. […]

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13 Unexpected Signs Of High-Functioning Depression

13 unexpected signs of high functioning depression

Recently came across this article on “13 Unexpected Signs Of High-Functioning Depression” on TBS News. The author rightly surmises that not all signs of depression are blatant in people who are still operating at high efficiency. However there are still some symptoms to be on alert for, which are covered in the video below. For our […]

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Be Part of the “Do Something” Campaign

Trauma Counselling in Sydney

Be part of the “Do Something” campaign and help reduce the scourge of Domestic Violence in our Country. The “Do Something” campaign being rolled out online, on television, in cinemas and public space advertising, in a bid to encourage more people to speak out about domestic violence. Some of the recent recounts of victims encounter […]

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How to Stop Panic Attacks While Pregnant

Ways to Stop Panic Attacks While Pregnant Despite feelings of anxiety and stress being perfectly normal for expectant mothers, panic attacks are no fun – especially when you’re already dealing with the challenges and ups and downs of pregnancy. Here we discuss the symptoms of panic attacks and provide young to be mothers tips to […]

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The diet that reduces the risk of depression

the diet that reduces the risk of depression

New research finds that eating raw fruits and vegetables is directly linked to better mental health. The findings of this research suggest that people eating raw fruit and vegetables are at a lower risk of being depressed and are more likely to flourish and feel positive about their life. According to this research, raw bananas and […]

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