Oversleeping: The Causes, Effects, and How to Stop

Specialists recommend you need to get around 7 to 9 hours sleep per night. What if you get more than that? Does anything happen to you? Can getting too much sleep ever become a real concern?

Oversleeping has actually been a problem of mine for several years. Despite experimenting with many items and resources aimed at curing sleeping disorders, I found hardly any even discussed oversleeping.

After a bit of research study I discovered I was absolutely not alone. For an issue numerous individuals suffer with, it’s unexpected so little information is available out there. However after great deals of experimentation, bit by bit, I lastly conquered my oversleeping.

Here it is, the Sleep Behaviors short article on oversleeping. We’ll start by taking a look at the domino effects of oversleeping. I’ll then show you the approaches I used to end my oversleeping issue which you can remove and use to stop oversleeping likewise.

Causes of Oversleeping

Oversleeping has three main causes. An absence of sleep, the timing of sleep, and your own frame of mind.

Not getting enough sleep

If you don’t get sufficient sleep throughout the night, varying from person to person, you’ll find it hard if not virtually impossible to get up in the morning.

Absence of sleep can be triggered by bad quality sleep, not getting sufficient hours sleep or having an abnormal need for sleep. You can read more about this in the lack of sleep short article. If you have not had adequate sleep, you would not have paid off all your “sleep debt “therefore must put in more

hours of sleep to pay it off. Oversleeping due to the fact that of a lack of sleep isn’t truly oversleeping. It just appears that way. Teens require more sleep when going through adolescence. While it might seem like they’re oversleeping, they’re only getting the sleep they need.

However if you routinely sleep more 9 hours as an adult or 10 as a teen, it’s fair to say you’re oversleeping.

Having a bad sleep schedule

A strong sleep schedule is key to dropping off to sleep and waking up in the morning. It brings your body out of its deep sleep to feel intense, alert and all set to begin the day.

Oversleeping When your internal body clock is on track, you’ll discover yourself naturally waking up in morning without the requirement for an alarm clock. When it goes off track, unless you’ve got a really loud alarm clock and a heck of a lot of willpower, you’ve got no possibility!

This frequently connected with delayed sleep phase syndrome, where your sleep schedule gets pushed back later and later on so you wind up going to sleep later on and as an outcome likewise wake up later.

A poor frame of mind

Essentially anything that makes you want to stay in bed rather than get up. Winter frequently has this impact. You require to provide yourself an actually great factor to get out of your warm bed and into the cold!

A poor mindset can be caused by:

If you experience UNFORTUNATE or Seasonal affective condition, you might find getting up early in the morning when it’s still dark outside specifically tough.

Impacts of Oversleeping

Remarkably, getting too much sleep features a whole host of unfavorable side impacts, both physically and mentally.

Warning: This section gets quite nasty. If you just wish to discover how to stop oversleeping and do not need the gory bits to encourage you, skip straight to the next section.

Physical effects

Here’s a list of the numerous physical effects that can be linked to oversleeping:

Mental effects

Together with the physical, there’s rather a lot of negative mental results connected to oversleeping.

When you oversleep, there’s no denying you’re simply wasting time on something that is in fact unhealthy for you. When you wake up and see exactly how much time you have actually lost, it’s hard not to feel quite rubbish.

The feeling isn’t helped by the fact you understand you’ll have difficulty getting to sleep that night. Particularly frustrating if you’re doing your finest to keep up a constant sleep pattern.

Oversleeping and missing visits and social activities can be a genuine problem. I really overslept and missed my first lecture at university. Not an excellent start! Thankfully it was just maths. wink

When you have actually overslept, it’s hard to get stuck into work and make a success of the rest of the day. Feeling rubbish, your mind feels foggy and clogged up. I keep in mind thinking that I would most likely feel better with simply 4 hours sleep rather than oversleeping by just a couple of hours.

Getting enough sleep is like hitting the bullseye on a dartboard. Miss by not getting sufficient sleep, and you’ll feel sleep deprived for the rest of the day. However miss out on by getting excessive sleep, and you seem to have nearly the exact same impact, if not worse.

So unsurprisingly, anxiety is typically connected with oversleeping. A research study has actually shown 15% of individuals with depression sleep excessive. Although it’s tough to say if this is a result of oversleeping or if oversleeping is simply one of the signs. In either case, it sure doesn’t help.

Surprisingly, sleep deprivation is in fact utilized to deal with depression. So if you’re feeling down, getting an early start on the day might help you feel better.

How to Stop Oversleeping

The majority of the cures for oversleeping are actually pretty easy, however they do the technique.

The main problem people have with oversleeping, similar to with sleeping disorders, is simply not knowing what to do to treat it. As soon as you’ve discovered the ideal treatment for you, it’s simply a matter of persevering.

You can use them all of the tips below or just one or two. Select the ones that feel ideal to you.

Change the method you feel about sleep

Understand what sleep in fact is and what it’s there for. You need it to survive and work. The less sleep you require to make it through and operate, the better.

The issue is that a lot of people fall in love with sleep. They love the sensation of being good and comfy in bed. And that’s great, but getting too much sleep has lots of nasty results.

Getting the best quantity of sleep is a little bit of a balancing act. It requires to be within the 7 to 9 hours variety, although it changes from person to individual. Anything basically than what you require and you’re not getting the correct amount of sleep.

You can’t just “sleep the sleep off”. Anymore or less than what you need and you’ll feel rubbish and have the nasty negative effects that feature it.

Produce the intention when you go to sleep to get just the ideal quantity of sleep you need. When you get up at the correct time, know that your need for sleep has been satisfied and that it’s time to get up and start the day.

Plan your day

By planning your days, you’ll a provide yourself a great factor to get up. If you don’t prepare anything, it’s all too simple to believe “what’s the point of getting up” and simply return to sleep.

Oversleeping and Productivity Producing a job list at the end of every day for what you ‘d like to attain tomorrow really helps you get up in the early morning. As soon as you wake up, take an appearance at your task list and you’ll immediately have loads of reasons why getting up immediately would be a really excellent concept.

I’m a little an efficiency freak so I have actually tried practically every to do list software and system out there however my current favorite is Toodledo. I tend to utilize my online job list as a main repository for my jobs and my paper notepad for what I require to get done today, however there’s heaps of time management techniques out there. David Allen’s book Getting Things Done is house to among the most popular time management systems. So if you’re new to time management, David Allen’s book is a great place to start.

If you have nothing to do, make it your goal to discover something to do. Start a brand-new project, discover new clubs and activities that interest you, discover what you wish to do in life and find out what you can to do to achieve it. Head down to your local library and discover books on discovering your purpose in life. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so enable yourself to take things one action at a time.

Optimise your get up routine

You should just wake up when you’ve had adequate hours sleep. So set your alarm clock to go off when you’ve had 7 to 9 hours sleep. Not before and not after. If you need to get up before this time, think about making a routine of going to sleep earlier.

As quickly as you get up, open your curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. This lets your body natural rhythm understand that it’s early morning and stops melatonin, a hormonal agent that makes you feel drowsy. I talk about this much more in the article How to Get Up As Quickly As Your Alarm Goes Off describes this technique in more information.

Practicing this method physically is one way, however you can likewise do it simply as successfully, if not more so, in your mind. Donna Lee’s Awaken Fresh & Alert hypnosis download guides you through this extremely same technique, contained within a deeply peaceful 30 minute audio session. The benefit of hypnosis is that when you’re unwinded, your subconscious is easier to gain access to, and this is where you wish to store the routine of getting up when your alarm goes off. It’s not totally free, however it can use you a fast lane method to stop oversleeping.

Have a strong sleep schedule

Oversleeping and Sleep Timing Having a routine predictable sleep schedule makes it much easier for your body to get up and go to sleep each night. Your natural sleep cycle works with your body’s natural procedures to help you awaken in the early morning. If you wake up at different times each morning, your internal body clock has no way of adjusting itself to understand when it’s the right time to wake up. If you don’t even understand what time you’re going to wake up in the early morning, your body clock has no chance! If you have actually got an issue with oversleeping, it can be tough to envision awakening full of energy in the early morning. Once you have actually got a great sleep schedule, that’s just what naturally happens. Some people find it simpler than others to stick to a regular sleep schedule

. Much like some individuals are more prone to insomnia than others. The principles of sticking to an excellent sleep schedule are the same for everybody so it’s an ability you can master with a bit of practice. * * * Oversleeping can be a real issue and the effects might be even worse

than you might have thought. Once you have actually treated it though, as long as you adhere to the modifications, oversleeping will be a distant memory. If all else stops working, you can constantly construct yourself your own mega alarm clock like this person.


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