Points to Consider Before Starting Trauma and Relationship Counselling

Trauma and Relationship Counseling in Sydney

Life is a journey of fulfilments and challenges; we flow with them. In certain situations or phases of life, each of us experience moments of stress, sadness, grief and conflict. While undergoing such unbalanced life events, it’s usually hard to identify or know if it is right to consult a professional or start any psychotherapy based counselling.

Various researches have revealed that five Australian adults suffer some form of mental illness caused by mild to severe traumatic events attributed to struggling family relationships or other kind personal or professional relationship issues. This has been fuelling a growing trend of people adopting trauma and relationship consulting in Sydney. The city foresee a gradual increase of patients by 45 to 65 percent annually with moderate to severe form of trauma or relationship based stress disorders.

While suffering from trauma or relationship related disorder, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the life took a paused for them; life moves back to the regular track with right trauma and relationship counselling. Continuing a smooth and accomplished life is not always easy and it needs support during the rough phases. In this article, we are talking about few key signs we need to consider as serious to see a trauma or relationship counselling expert. In Sydney, we have the best counselling available for trauma and relationship based stress disorders.

Five alarming signs which validates that person is suffering from severe emotional shock (Or acute stress reactions) and it’s time to consider trauma or relationship counselling. Various researches have proven that response to a traumatic, painful, or terrifying situation initiates a long-term emotional challenges or damages to human life.

1) We feel afraid
In a smoothly running life event, when we get a sudden break caused by an unexpected terrifying event, we get an emotional shock; it makes us feel that the world around us is dangerous, unpredictable, and we should not trust anyone. By nature, we undergo such kinds of sensitive mental phase post any unexpected event, but we recover from it gradually. But in some cases, it prevails for a longer duration which leads to various physical disorders such as feeling butterflies in the stomach, indigestion and muscle tensions etc.

2) Unstable on thought process
We lose our logical sense when we are under influence of stress reactions. Long term stress reactions leads to a stage when we feel brain has turned to fuzz, or foggy; we even think that the life is unreal. We feel disconnected from the outer world and experience serious thought imbalance.

3) Experience physical side effects
With overload of reactions from trauma and relationship based stress, we continuously experience racing heartbeat, muscle tensions, headache, stomach upset, and random body aches. If not treated with appropriate trauma or relationship counselling methods, these symptoms may lead to long-term physical disorders as well.

4) We feel exhausted
Traumatic disorder usually disturbs our regular biological cycles such as sleep, mental stability etc. This reduces our mental power and physical capabilities. We lose interest in any kind of work and feel exhausted most of the time. If this goes on for a comparatively longer duration it compromises with the immune system and frequently attacked by cold, flu and fever.

5) We want to hide ourselves
Traumatic shocks change our personality and sometime the impact is so bad that extremely extrovert person may want to hide themselves from the crowd and becomes introvert. This change is so impactful that person may start self-harming oneself.

A recent research on brain scan technology revelled that trauma changes the structure and function of the brain. It’s recommended that we identify it at the right time, take correct precautions and get consulted with authorised trauma and relationship counselling. We offer the best trauma and relationship counselling in Sydney with proven track record. Please feel free to contact us if you need any advice or help.

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  • Martha Jesty 23/10/2015 - Reply

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful article!

    This was a great article on trauma especially in how therapist have the ability to make things best for the client. There wouldn’t be many who would actually know how they can benefit from coaching. An experienced coach is capable enough to provide advice, motivation and possible alternative prospective.

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