Postnatal Depression and its Treatment

Post Natal Depression and Its Treatment

What is Postnatal Depression?

Postnatal Depression (PND) is a form of depression that develops in women, between one month and up to one year after the birth of a baby. PND is a common phenomenon and almost 1 in 10 women suffer from it. While childbirth is supposed to be a matter of delight and rejoicing for the mother and the whole family, in women suffering from Post Natal Depression it leads to misery and feelings of hopelessness. Experts believe that PND is a form of major depression that starts within three months after delivery. In their section devoted to PND, WebMD provides more significant details about it.

Other names for Postnatal Depression

Postnatal Depression is also known as Postpartum Depression 

Celebrities that have experienced PND

Some Hollywood celebrities have experienced postnatal depression. They include Alanis Morissette, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chrissy Teigen and Brooke Shields. In fact, Brooke Shields is a leading campaigner against PND. Chrissy Teigen also opened up recently about her struggle with PND in Glamour Magazine.

Medicinal Treatment of Postnatal Depression

Treatment Options for Postnatal Depression

Prescription Medicines

Both medications and psychotherapies are used to tackle PND. When symptoms indicate a need for medicines, the doctor should go ahead and prescribe drugs. While prescribing, the doctor can choose between SSRI’s and SNRI’s for treating PND.


Psychotherapies are another effective means to address PND. Doctors advise psychotherapy independently, or in conjunction with drugs to treat PND. As medicines have many side effects, psychotherapies are an effective independent treatment in most cases. Only when symptoms are a severe and immediate relief is needed should a patient resort to medications. Also, many clinics and hospitals have support groups for providing emotional support and education to the affected women.

Psycho-therapeutic treatment of postnatal depression

One of the most effective psychotherapies for depression is Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). In CBT the therapist works with the client to identify cognitive (thinking) patterns that make the client recede into depression or prevent them from coming out of it. Once the client has been able to uncover these patterns they work with the therapist in a planned manner to overcome these cognitive distortions and get their life back to normal.

Other psychotherapies that can be used for treatment are Family Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Behavior Therapy. There are many other psychotherapies available and a practitioner can choose to use them depending on the situational needs. Beyond Blue organization provides a complete list of therapies available for depression and other psychological illnesses on its website.

An explainer video on Behaviour Therapy

Behavioural Therapy (BT) is used for treating unwanted behaviours such as addictions, phobias, anxiety and OCD. Here we provide a short explainer video on what exactly is behaviour therapy and how it is used.#clinicalpsychology #counsellor #ipt #cbt #mentalhealth #psychotherapy #therapy #humanbehaviour #act #mbct #dbt #nt #depression #anxiety #stress #selfesteem #ptsd #bt #trauma #ocd #obsessions #compulsivebehaviour #groundingtechniques #exposuretherapy

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Women should seek professional help for PND if after a few weeks of pregnancy continued periods of low feelings and hopelessness happen and/or if they are unable to cope with situations and get panicky easily. If these symptoms persist beyond 2 weeks then professional help is essential.

One should not hesitate to seek a Psychologists help in such circumstances. Nowadays Australian Government has started giving attention to mental health issues, and Medicare Australia provides rebates for Psychological consultation received through a GP referral. The link on Better Access to Mental Health provides greater details about GP referrals.


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