ATAPS Referrals for Vulnerable Groups

Our Psychologists, Dr Gurprit Ganda and Naomi Rose, are contractors with WentWest for providing psychological services for vulnerable groups through the Primary Mental Health Care service.

Once triage criteria are satisfied clients are eligible for 12 sessions a year and up to 18 sessions in exceptional circumstances. People who are a risk of suicide can access 12 sessions over a 2 month period.

Triage Criteria

  • Financial disadvantage – Low Income earners, Health Care Card holders, Pensioners or those experiencing financial hardship
  • Lives within the Western Sydney Region
  • Priority services available for people at risk of suicide
  • Services available for General Psychological treatment, Child and Youth services, Perinatal services, services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and different cultural groups, LGBTIQ and the elderly.

Getting ATAPS Referrals

  • Get a Mental Health Treatment/Care Plan (MBS 2700, 2701, 2715 & 2717), K10, K5 (for ATSI clients) or SDQ (for children) from your GP
  • Also ask your GP to fill the PMHC Referral Form, along with your consent (parents/carers sign for minors) for provision of these services. The referral form is available on the WentWest website.
  • Choose one of our psychologists as the provider
  • Fax the Referral Form, Mental Health Treatment Plan, and K10, K5 or SDQ to WentWest on (02) 8208 9941
  • The referral request will be triaged by a Clinical or Senior Psychologist at WentWest to determine eligibility
  • Once approved, your GP and our psychologists will be notified of the triage and referral outcome

Benefits of ATAPS referrals

ATAPS referrals allow low income earners, children, youth, LGBT community and those at risk of suicide avail our services without any out of pocket costs. In addition they can avail upto 18 sessions a year, as against only 10 sessions available through a GP Mental Health Treatment plan.

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