Family Conflict or Separation

Healthy families are vital to healthy children, healthy individuals, and a healthy society. Health encompasses both the physical and mental health of an individual.

While the conflict between parents affects children, separation or divorce can be amongst the toughest of experiences for all individuals involved.

Separation is complex and could involve loss of the following

  • The family you used to have
  • Loss of your family home
  • Loss of your dreams
  • Loss of meaning or identity
  • Reduced contact with children
  • Feelings of betrayal or guilt
  • Introduction of new partners in the lives of the children

If you are going through separation, it would be beneficial to take professional help in processing your emotions and making sound and unbiased logical decisions.

If you consider seeking professional help, you can contact us at Potentialz Unlimited and our experienced Psychologists will be happy to help you through life’s challenges.

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