WorkCover and CTP Referrals

At Potentialz we provide psychological treatment to clients injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident and have claimed sessions under WorkCover or CTP insurance policies.

Our treatments are provided under the clinical framework established for this purpose and whose goals are:

  • optimise participation at home, work and in the community, and achieve the best possible health outcomes for injured people
  • inform other healthcare professionals of our expectations for managing injured people
  • provide guiding principles for the provision of healthcare services to the injured client, their healthcare professionals and decision makers
  • ensure healthcare services are goal oriented, evidence based and clinically justified
  • assist with dispute resolution.

The above clinical framework is established under these guiding five principles :

  1. measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment
  2. adopt a biopsychosocial approach
  3. empower the injured person to manage their injury
  4. implement goals focused on optimising function, participation and return to work
  5. base treatment on the best available research evidence.

As a provider our primary objective is to support the client’s recovery and return to normal lifestyle. This is generally achieved through evidence‑based clinical intervention and management.

We will:

  • set expectations for the client from the first consultation regarding their recovery , active participation in recovery, planning and treatment
  • conducting a detailed assessment and (where applicable) providing information to inform and/or confirm diagnosis and treatment strategies. Where a diagnosis is not clear, we will provide a provisional diagnosis and explain our reason(s) for this
  • obtaining information from the insurer and/or employer to assist with goal setting and tailoring of treatment interventions
  • providing information to the support team regarding the client’s progress and capacity for work
  • educating all parties about the health benefits of good work
  • improving the client’s independence and participation in their home and community if recovery at work is not possible.

Note: Our role does not include advocating for the worker in relation to the management of their claim, litigation or other compensation processes.

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