Regulated Breathing For Controlling Stress

how does deep breathing help

Do Deep Breathing Exercises Help?

We all face situations of stress in our life. During such situations, if we shift our attention to our breath we will see that we are breathing too fast? Stress and anxiety can impact our frequency of heartbeats and speed up our breath rate.

On the contrary when we are relaxed we breathe about 10 to 12 time per minute. Focussing on our breath and ensuring that we take deep and regular breaths can help lower our stress and anxiety.

Whenever you are stressed I suggest that this exercise is carried out for immediate relief:

1. Before starting count the number of breaths you are taking in one minute. Remember for the purpose of counting that one full breathing cycle is breath in, hold and breath out. During this exercise please inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

2. For the first 2-3 times keeping your focus on your breath take a deep breath in, hold for four seconds and slowly exhale. You can visualize a pleasing scene or a kind act while doing this. This should bring you to a relaxed state where rhythmic deep breathing can be started.

3. Now for the next five minutes take your breath in for 4 seconds. Retain for 4-5 seconds. Breath out in about 6 seconds. Breath out only through your mouth. In this manner, you can ensure that you are taking in 6-7 breaths every minute. Visualize while breathing that your whole body is being fed by the fresh air and its influence is calming you down.

Once the breathing session is over stay sitting for the next few minutes and then resume your activities. The above exercise can be done many times in a day. I myself practice it 2-3 times a day to ward off stress.


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