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Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel –  Eleanor Brownn

Who has not heard of Self Care? It is a popular term we hear or read about in health magazines, wellness workshops and advise from mental health practitioners. Yet, you will be surprised to hear that so many people struggle with the practice of self-care!

Self care is an expression of self love

While most are convinced of the idea, agree with the concept, preach it to others, yet a lot many struggle with a regular routine of self-care or maintenance of it.

Put simply, self-care is the practice of 4 R’s

  • Rest: Pauses we take to rest the Mind
  • Relaxation: Restoring the Body
  • Recreation: Rejuvenating the Spirit
  • Reflection: Looking at our choices, reviewing our decisions

Some say I can’t afford it. Self-care does not have to be costly. It can be as simple as taking time to enjoy nature around you, to feed the birds, take a walk, or enjoy the sunset.

enjoying a good rest is one aspect of self care

As a clinician one of the main barriers I have observed is that people find themselves ‘Time Poor’…They are so preoccupied with the ‘business of life’ that self-care is a novelty.

Others think it is ‘Self Indulgence’ and feel guilty to do so. Some may think they are not deserving of it.

If you are experiencing yourself or others are finding you grouchy, difficult to live with, little compassion, quick to anger, lack of cheer, resentful and measuring everything you do for others then perhaps the ‘warning bells’ are tolling for you.

This reminds me of the announcement in airplanes in case of an emergency one is asked to ‘put your oxygen mask first’ before you do so for another. To take care of others we need to take care of ourselves. Or the old stanza “There’s a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza…

Self Care - being with the nature

As we approach the festive season of Christmas I hope that you may take time to care for ‘You’.

However, if you find that you are still struggling to do so feel free to contact us at Potentialz Unlimited and our experienced psychologists will help you unlock the barriers so you can release your potential.

Author: Naomi Rose


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