Social Phobia – Symptoms and Cures

Social Phobia is a situation where the individual is scared of social situations, interacting with others or afraid of being evaluated or scrutinized by others. Individuals experiencing social phobia panic in social situations and sometimes exhibit symptoms of nausea, sweating, physical discomfort, trembling, shaking, dry mouth among others. For some individuals the phobia is so extreme that they retreat into a shell and refuse to move out of their house. Estimates are that about 5 million individuals suffer from social anxiety disorder – the medical term for social phobia. Many such individuals do not have insight into their condition and the knowledge that help is available to overcome it.

Social phobias are treatable through Cognitive Behavior Therapy. In extreme cases a combination of medication and CBT works very well. I suggest you watch the following Webmd video that follows Becky Bruno, describe her experience of social phobia and the treatment she underwent for overcoming it.


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