Tips for Dealing with Panic Disorder in the Workplace

Are you having frequent panic attacks at work?

It is very miserable to experience frequent panic attacks at work. In fact, there is no good place or time to experience a panic attack. Particularly so in the workplace. The physical symptoms of panic attacks can be very debilitating, and the anxiety that accompanies an attack can make it difficult to make any decisions at all. Because of this, the fear of having a panic attack in the workplace can be particularly troublesome for someone like us suffering from panic disorder. Here are a few tips that may help to manage this issue while we are at work.

Inform Our Co-Worker About Our Situation

woman having panic attacks at the workplacePanic attacks are hard difficult to experience alone, especially if we have recently started suffering from this particular disorder. If we are having frequent panic attacks at work, we should try to trust and confide in our co-workers about our condition. It always feels good to know we are accepted, and these workplace friends should be able to support and calm us when we are going through a panic attack.

Planning Our Week for Dealing With Panic Disorder In The Workplace

Arriving unorganized and unprepared to work can set us on a stressful day. Instead, if we can reduce workplace stress considerably by planning our week right at the beginning of the week. Of course, we need to make sure we do appropriate course corrections and manage our time wisely, depending on how the week progresses. We should also leave ourselves some time breaks between each commitment.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

maintaining a healthy lifestyleThe food we eat can profoundly impact our mood. We should try to eat a balanced diet and restrict our alcohol and caffeine consumption to a minimum. We should pay particular attention to getting the right amount of sleep every day. For most people, seven to eight hours of sleep every night is recommended. We should be able to manage our panic disorder considerably by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Knowing When To Take a Break

If some difficult project in the workplace is proving to be very stressful,  we should not hesitate to step away to clear our head. For this purpose, I try making a trip to the canteen, walking in the nearby park, or simply sit down and meditate or practice deep breathing. These breaks are very refreshing for me and I come back feeling very refreshed, clear-headed and focussed.male and female colleagues taking a break from work

Rewarding Our Successes

If we have a successful day at work, we should pause and celebrate our achievements. Acknowledging our accomplishments helps us to maintain a positive frame of mind throughout the day.

Setting Realistic Goals For Ourselves

Achieving our goals makes us feel good. On the other hand, failing to reach our goals, can be very frustrating and stressful. Therefore, I plan my work day and set realistic goals for myself that are meaningful but still achievable.

Tapping Into Employer Resources

If we are having a hard time at work, it is beneficial to communicate with our employer/supervisor so that they can help us. We may be able to tap into options for skill-building, or Employee Assistance Programs. Sometimes, even if no formal assistance is available, the supervisor may be able to offer guidance or assistance to help us get the hang of things.


These tips can help to reduce workplace stress and avoid situations that can lead us to experience a panic attack. However, panic disorder is a serious issue and needs professional help for treatment. If you experience panic attacks regularly, consider talking to a mental health care professional to see what sort of treatment is best for you.


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