Trauma Counselling in Sydney

Trauma Counselling in SydneyHave you been suffering from constant stress, compulsive thoughts, severe panic attacks, and incapacitating feelings of phobia over a period? The typical aftermath of any traumatic experience includes feeling frightened, anxious, sad, and disconnected. However, persistence of these same unsettling emotions is often symptomatic of psychological trauma. Leaving a negative effect on your mind, body, and soul, these recurring instances of pain and stress might be indicating towards Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that calls for timely and effective intervention. Consider seeking the help of Trauma Counselling in Sydney but not before knowing what trauma is all about.

What is a traumatic event?

Traumatic events are powerful and disturbing incidents that create a significant threat to psychological and physical well being of an individual. Events and situations that can set off a traumatic psychological reaction include natural disasters, acts of brutality, interpersonal incidents of violence, and accidents.

What are the symptoms of PTSD?

Individuals who develop PTSD usually experience symptoms that can be classified into four categories:

  • Re-experiencing the traumatic episode – Unwanted images, thoughts, flashbacks, and dreams related to the distressing occurrence
  • Numbing and avoidance – Attempts to shun activities, places, and people connected with the trauma
  • Alterations in mood and cognitions – Loss of interest in activities enjoyed earlier, feeling detached from others, and persistent sentiment of negativity or failure to experience positive mood
  • Increased excitement or hyperarousal – Increased anger and irritability, poor memory and concentration, amplified startle response, sleep difficulties, and hyper-vigilance

If not too severe or continuing too long, these above mentioned symptoms are usual and characteristic reactions to trauma. Although distressing in nature, these symptoms generally resolve fast in most people. Know when you should seek Trauma Counselling in Sydney.

When does professional assistance become essential?

You must seek professional support if the symptoms of trauma last over a few weeks or create extremely distressing and disconcerting emotions. Warning signs often include inability to handle intense emotional turmoil, feeling empty and frustrated, disturbed sleep, having no support system, facing relationship problems with family, friends, and colleagues; and increased dependence on drugs and/or alcohol to avoid the overwhelming emotions. Read on to find out how Trauma Counseling in Sydney can help you.

What are the treatments of PTSD or psychological trauma?

Though most common traumatic experiences can be worked through with help of a core support group of family and friends, some severe cases may require professional assistance. A trained mental health professional can help an individual to recover from the debilitating effects of trauma. Please remember that Trauma Counseling in Sydney is not solely about medical therapies. Find out more.

Recommended trauma-focused treatments and interventions for PTSD incorporate trauma-focused, evidence-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). These treatments focus on imparting effective stress management techniques, useful and functional education, and assisting the person to confront stressful memories and dreadful situations. Medication can be used favorably alongside trauma-focused psychological approaches.

Behaviour Therapy (BT) and relaxation trainings can be coupled with ongoing treatment to reinforce the overall psychosomatic benefits.

PTSD is an intensely turbulent psychological and emotional response triggered by a stressful or frightening event. It may seem impossible to overcome these pervasive thoughts of painful memories and danger. Nevertheless, transcending the agony and moving on with your life is possible when you reach out for support, seek professional help, and develop new coping skills.

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