Why Students are Committing Suicides – Published on The Indian

Hi, This article has recently been published in the Indian.

Dr Gurprit Ganda – Clinical Psychologist

The recent suicide of an immigrant Indian student is a grim reminder that there are systematic short comings in the system for students immigrating from India to Australia for further studies.

The lure of the western civilization and its amenities is attracting Indians in a manner akin to the gold rush in America. Now-a-days hordes of Indian students are flocking to Australia looking for better opportunities and career prospects. Recent immigration statistics from Department of Immigration, Australia indicate that about 73,000 Indian students were in Australia at end of December 2008 and about 39,000 Indian students were given visa in 2007-08. The influx of Indian students from 2006-07 to 2007-08 increased by more than 30%. While such immigration provides rollicking business to the Australian Educational Institutions and boosts the Australian Economy, the going on the ground is very tough for the students. If your family at home is not well-to-do this further exacerbates the woes.


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