Clinical Psychologist in Bella Vista

Clinical Psychologist(s) at Potentialz Unlimited are registered with Psychology Board of Australia and APS College of Clinical Psychologists. They have registrations with Medicare, ATAPS, NDIS, WorkCover and Private Health Funds. Dr Gurprit Ganda, Clinical Psychologist and founder of the practice, is also registered as a Counselor with Victim Services, NSW and provides advanced trauma counselling to her clients.

Treatment Available

Our team can treat psychological problems such as:

Our psychologists provide evidence-based therapies for a wide range of psychological disorders. We can help you overcome a range of psychological problems (including depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, OCD) and reclaim your life.

Benefits of Seeking Treatment

There are significant benefits of consulting our Psychologists, even if you don’t suffer from a mental disorder:

  • Personal wellness:  Our psychologists will help you understand the real nature of your problems, whether conscious or unconscious. This will help you progress in your personal life and assist you in achieving your goals in life. Psychological consultations will help in getting your focus right and achieve balance in your personal and career life.
  • Better Physical Health Many times, physical diseases are a result of our psychological problems. Such psychosomatic diseases arise or get aggravated by the poor mental health. Consulting a psychologist will help you in being more positive and achieve balance in your life.
  • Removing stress Anxiety and stress are common problems today, given the multiple demands on us from personal relationships and in our professional lives. Such problems may not have yet surfaced, and you may not realise you have issues such as depression/anxiety. Our psychologists can identify these issues using psychometric testing and help you achieve better mental health. Better mental health will be better for your career and personal relationships.

Consult with a Clinical Psychologist in Bella Vista and we will help you in addressing your mental health issues, which can include fears, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders, hypertension, and post-traumatic stress disorders.

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