Relationship Counselling and Marriage Counselling in Sydney

Relationship Counselling in Sydney, Couples Therapy & Marriage Counselling Services in Sydney

Our experienced relationship counsellors provide marriage counselling and couples counselling for residents of Sydney, especially those living in Hills District, Hawkesbury and Blacktown Council Area. We also provide a caring and supportive environment to help you find a way through any difficulties you may be facing in your relationship. Erratic work schedules, busy professional lives, and ever increasing desires for better and richer lifestyles have strained many relationships. This doesn’t mean your relationship is on verge of breaking up. It simply means it needs some maintenance from an expert.

Our expert psychologists understand relationship difficulties and provide relationship counselling services for couples that can help to resolve your problems and improve relationships. Our comprehensive relationship counselling service in can help couples in Sydney overcome strains in their relationship and nurture it into a more powerful bond.

Know when to seek help for relationship difficulties:

  1. Same issues over and over again: If you keep fighting on same things again and again,you and your partner hasn’t yet learned how to forgive and forget. This usually signifies broken trust. Thus, talking to an objective third-party, that is, a counsellor can help you know the real reason and resolve the recurring conflicts.
  2. A major life change: Major life changes, either professional or personal, can leave you and your partner and other family members wondering what to do. Any life change can either prove to be a blessing or a stressful transition. If it’s affecting your relationship, seeking professional help can make you take better decisions in consensus about new life arrangements.
  3. Ego problems: It is commonly said that ‘Ego is the only requirement to destroy the relationship. Thus, it must go’. In a quest to prove to each other that I am more competent and important than you, partners fight and make things worse. In order to alleviate ego problems in relationships, relationship counselling in Sydney can help you in eliminating individual insecurities and doubts. It will make you a more open ended person and you will become more acceptable and tolerant towards others’ shortcomings.
  4. Communication issues: Communication is the base of a strong relationship among partners, children and parents, and family members. Listening without judging the other person and not requiring winning every argument are some of the key points needed in creating and maintaining strong relationships. When knowing how to communicate better, you will be able to share aspirations, interests, and concerns. A counsellor can help you achieve these.
  5. Life-long commitment: Like any other living thing, that needs food and nurturing to stay alive and healthy, every relationship needs nurturing to stay alive for a long time period. If partners seek relationship counselling in Sydney, they are ensuring their long lasting commitment to each other. Once you seek professional help from a clinical psychologist, you will realize you will understand each-other better and will know how to keep the spark alive for long.

Moreover, our marital therapy can also help you with following relationship difficulties:

  • Unfulfilled emotional needs, feeling hurt, angry
  • Sexual and intimacy issues
  • Mis-matched expectations in the relationship
  • Lack of trust or jealousy.
  • Conflicts about children or family members.
  • Conflicts about financial or career matters

Our ultimate aim is to support all people in Australia to increase their psychological well-being.
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