Relationship and Marriage Counselling in Bella Vista, Sydney

Our experienced relationship counsellors provide marriage counselling and couples counselling for couples living in Bella Vista (located within Norwest Business Park, Sydney) and surrounding  suburbs that fall in Hills District, Hawkesbury and Blacktown Council Area.

Counselling is provided in a caring and supportive environment to help you sort out the problems in your relationships. We understand that erratic work schedules, busy professional lives, and ever-increasing desires for better and richer lifestyles can cause strains in relationships. If you are going through such circumstances, we can help salvage your relationships.

Our relationship psychologists understand why difficulties arise in relationships and use modern and effective systemic family and couple therapy to help you resolve the problems in your relationships. The comprehensive relationship counselling service being offered at our Bella Vista practice help couples overcome the strains in their relationship and nurture it into a more powerful bond.

Know when to seek help for relationship difficulties:

  1. Fighting over the same issues: Regularly getting into such fights signify broken trust between you and your partner. With the help of our counsellors, you can identify the real reason behind such fights and resolve the recurring conflicts. You will also learn the techniques to forgive and forget each other faults and focus on their strengths.
  2. A major life change: Major life changes, either professional or personal, can impact your relationships. Such events, either prove to be a blessing or cause painful stress. They can also impact relationships. If such events have affected your relationship, our counsellors can help you resolve the problems and teach you skills to make better decisions for future that are based on consensus and open communication.
  3. Ego problems: We all know that “enlarged Ego” can destroy relationships. It must be identified and resolved. We often see that partners try to prove to each other that they are more competent and important than the other partner and as a result fights happen among them. Our relationship psychologists can help you to amicably resolve such ego related problems in your relationships, by identifying and resolving individual insecurities and doubts. With our effective counselling services, you will become a more open person, ready to accept and tolerate your partner and family member’s shortcomings.
  4. Communication issues: Communication is the root of a strong relationship in families. Poor communication impacts relationships between partners, parents and children, and among siblings. A capability to listen to others viewpoint without judging them is essential to open communication. Another important requirement is to curb the urge to win every argument we enter into with others. Good, open and honest communication among family members and partners helps in fostering strong relationships. Systemic family and couple therapists will help you improve your communication skills so that you are able to share aspirations, interests, and concerns with your partner and family members.
  5. Commitment to the relationship: Like living beings need food and nourishment to stay alive and healthy, we need to invest and nurture our relationships to help them grow and become stronger over time. Seeking relationship counselling services from our psychologists will ensure you learn the skills to nurture and grow your relationship. It will help you understand each other better and help you make your relationship stronger and better.

Moreover, marital therapy can also help you resolve the following relationship difficulties:

  • Unfulfilled emotional needs
  • The feeling of being hurt
  • Unresolved anger with your partner
  • Sexual and intimacy issues
  • Mis-matched expectations in your relationship
  • Lack of trust or jealousy
  • Conflicts about children or family members
  • Conflicts about financial or career matters

Our ultimate aim is to support our clients live happily and be mentally at peace.

To book an appointment with our therapists / counselors, contact us on on +61 (0) 410 261 838 or visit our Book an Appointment page.

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