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Clinical Psychologist in Sydney

Clinical Psychologist in Sydney

Dr Gurprit Ganda is qualified and trained Clinical Psychologist in Sydney, registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. She is also an Approved Specialist Counselor with Victim Services, NSW. Our expert clinical psychologists treat psychological problems such as:

We also provide evidence-based therapy for a wide range of psychological disorders. We use psychological therapies and approaches proven by research to be effective in treating mental health issues. Our expert clinical psychologists in Sydney offers therapy, treatment and counselling for individuals, couples and families. They can help you overcome psychological problems (depression, anxiety, stress, trauma) and get you back to happy life.

Gone are the days of mental health stigma. Now, no longer, anyone supposes that only people who are crazy or have had a nervous breakdown need to go to a psychologist. Today, people round the globe understand the need of consulting a psychologist in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. Here’s why you should consult a clinical psychologist in Sydney, even if you don’t suffer from a mental disorder:

  • Personal wellness In order to live a healthy and balanced life, cordial harmony between mind, body, and soul must be realized. A clinical psychologist will be able to know the real nature of your problem, whether conscious or unconscious. This will help you make progress in your personal life and will help you achieve your goals in life. Psychological consultation can help you in attaining health and well-being.
  • Better Physical Health Many-a-times, our physical diseases are a result of our psychological problems. Such psychosomatic diseases arise or get aggravated by the poor mental health. Thus, consulting a psychologist will give you positive thoughts and will not only heal you mentally, but also, physically. Psychological consultation will also help you manage pain.
  • Removing stress Anxiety and stress are common mental problems with people today, given their strenuous relationships and demanding professional lives. These can be either hidden behind the surface, that is, person might not even know he/ she is suffering from depression or can be more obvious. A clinical psychologist can find the psychological basis for your problem and can help you overcome these. Consultation with an accomplished clinical psychologist in Sydney will also help you in alleviating your fears, phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders, hypertension, and post-traumatic stress disorders.
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